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      Why Chios

  • All season friendly filming ground
  • Combines all sorts of terrain in one
  • Still pure, pristine, unspoilt destination
  • Offers unique terrain (mastiha connected) globally
  • Easy access all year round daily by plane and boat
  • It can accommodate low and high budget productions alike
  • Impressive is the fact that Chios has 2900 hours of sunshine per year!
  • Fully equipped hospital
  • 2 fully equipped private clinics
  • 2  marinas
  • Helipads
  • Almost 500 rental cars
  • Almost 20 mini vans
  • More than 5 transport companies.
  • More than 10 beaches near town and more than 40 accessible beaches on the rest of the island
  • 7 Fortified Medieval Settlements
  • A unique residential complex with impressive mansions in citrus fruits gardens

A short historical note on Chios

Chios lies in the Northern Aegean Sea with its port exactly opposite Cesme, a coastal port city in Turkey. It is the fifth largest island in Greece, covering an area of 842 km2 with a 213 km long coastline. Chios has been and remains the one and only mastiha (mastic gum) producer globally, and to be more exact, the “white gold” as it is also called is produced only in the south of the island. It is considered the four-season island -still a quiet, serene touristic destination. The shipping industry continues to be the main financial pillar. The actual regional unit of Chios also comprises Psara, Antipsara and Oinousses. Around three daily flights connect it to Athens and Thessaloniki or, by boat, to and from Piaraeus, Thessaloniki and Kavala -as well as with other Greek islands, especially in the summer season.

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